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Thank you for taking a look back at the older What’s New articles from 2011.  These articles have been bumped from the regular WHAT’S NEW page in favor of the newer stuff.  We placed them here because it is kind of nostalgic for us and we hope you enjoy traveling all over the World and back through time with us as we serve the Lord.  We could not have accomplished any of these projects without The Lord and His people praying for us. So again we want to thank our faithful prayer warriors for taking our concerns and needs to His throne.  As with the WHAT’S NEW page, the more recent articles are on top of the older stuff.  At the bottom you will find a link to even older stuff.

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Cocoa, FL

February 18, 2011

Our car in front of our Home and Portable garage.Our new White Toyota Prius

The Lord’s Provision: Home, Car, & Semi-detached Garage

Now there is an odd choice of pictures.  Normally we would have a picture or two of whatever project the Lord has us on for the given time period.  We are showcasing the car primarily because we have been asking you to pray for it for the last two years.  We were able to donate our 14 year old Toyota Avalon to our friends Mark & Lori so that they could bless a young family with needed transportation.  This new Prius is slightly smaller, lighter, and will get almost double the fuel economy of the older Avalon.  At the same time, because the back seats fold down, we can get more stuff in the back should the need arise.  Being smaller and lighter will make it easier to load into the Freightliner when we relocate to other project sites.

These last three months have been characterized by a myriad of different smaller projects which would take up way too much space if we included just one picture from each.  Most of our work has been in FL with the exceptions of phone consultations with Source of Light Ministries in GA, Ruskka Village in Haiti,  and Young Life Camp in the Dominican Republic.  In addition, Don has worked in four different churches and Youth With A Mission Orlando.  We had thought that we would be living and working full time at YWAM this winter, but God had other plans.  This is the main reason we are continually asking you all to pray for guidance and wisdom as we seek to serve Him.

Madison, GA

March 19, 2011

Port au Prince, Haiti

February 26, 2011

Don accompanied Gary Smedley of Mount Joy, PA to Radio Lumiere in the capitol city of Haiti.  The purpose of this trip was to do an electrical survey for a future I-TEC project.  While the property is within 15 miles of the epicenter of last year’s major earthquake, the structures are in remarkably good condition.  However the electrical system has been patched, repaired, and expanded beyond its original scope several times over the years.  This was never so evident as when they added a TV broadcast studio to their building.

Radio Lumiere has been bringing the Light of the Gospel to the Haitian people in their own language for over 52 years.  Until the earthquake they covered a very large percentage of the country, though a few of the transmitters have gone off the air due to damage.

We inspected the wiring from the undersized service to the generators, three transfer switches, and the myriad of panels and splices, all the way to the patched inverter system and its bank of batteries.  Along the way we found two major problems that needed immediate attention.  Don rebuilt a transfer switch that was almost burned up, while Gary replaced the main disconnect that was radiating enough heat to melt the insulation on the wires.  We pray that these repairs will last until the project can be completed.

In the first week that Don was at Source of Light Ministries, he worked along side a great group of people from Cornerstone Bible Church from PA.  They framed up most of the new walls for the 11,000+ square feet of new offices on the second floor.  There were many from this team helping in many different departments downstairs.  They were such an encouragement to the SLM staff.

Don spent two weeks installing a security camera system, wiring for the computer server, some new network cabling, several phone lines, and ventilation for the phone room.  He also installed night lights and security lighting in a few rooms and outside.

Cocoa, FL

April 13, 2011

Madison, GA

May 19, 2011

Madison, GA

June 30, 2011

The car is loaded we’re ready to go… sounds a little like a popular song.  This picture was taken of our entire rig with all the tools put away and tied down, the car in the Freightliner covered and tied down, and most things in the trailer stowed and ready for the rough trip up the highway.  Thanks Dave & Joan for a place to park in FL.

We had an uneventful couple of weeks back in Cocoa, FL since Don’s last trip to SLM in Madison, GA.  We had a few plans that fell through or we could have saved some time, and money by moving the entire rig to GA back in March.  Oh well, we continue to seek the Lord’s guidance and wisdom, but I guess we need to listen a bit closer.

Christine flew to  PA and then  rode down to VA to help get her sister packed for a move to WI.  She will fly back to Atlanta to join Don at SLM.

Don arrived safely at SLM on April 13th and picked Christine up at the Atlanta airport on the 28th.  Don will be continuing with the second floor office expansion project while Christine helps out in the print shop, and Madison Discipleship School.  Our plan is to stay here for a month and then we are praying about traveling to AR to work once again with Tech Serve and then on up to PA to help I-TEC and Cornerstone Bible Church.  Pray with us for wisdom and provision to do all that He asks of us.

Here is Christine helping Debbie load the Collator with some of the Bible Lessons at Source of Light Ministries.  SLM prints millions of lessons and support materials in eleven different languages here at the home office each year.  They printed more that 500,000 in the month of May alone.  It is so rewarding to be part of reaching people for Christ and then helping them grow in their Christian walk and in the knowledge of God and the Bible.

Well we sort of expected to be moving onto another project site by now, but there is a tremendous amount of work involved in converting the second floor into 11,000+ square feet of office space.  So we continue to plug away here at SLM on everything from rough framing and helping with the HVAC design, to installing windows.  At the same time we have experienced some of what the rest of the world is going through in the economic downturn, thereby cutting back on when and where we can move our big rig.  Our plans now are to stay here at SLM with the big rig and just do shorter trips with our much more fuel efficient car.

As one of the staff members here stated “If God doesn’t supply the money to drive your rig to AR and PA, than maybe you are supposed to just stay here and work.”  It is so nice to be needed and/or wanted.  Don is planning to take the car with a bunch of his hand tools out to AR to work with Tech Serve for a couple of weeks during early July.  Meanwhile Christine will take a little break from helping in the print shop and Madison Discipleship School in order to go to WI and help her sister unpack and move into her new apartment.  Hopefully these shorter trips will get enough accomplished for these other ministries and as Phil said we will plan to stay in Madison, GA at least until the Lord provides for our transportation out.  Keep praying for God’s wisdom.

Greenbrier, AR

July 15, 2011

Madison, GA

August 25, 2011

Along with providing lodging for volunteers at Tech Serve, the work on these two cabins is to research building materials and techniques to be used in the mission field.  Don was asked to help with a Prison Chapel in Macon, MS that will be built in August and September based on this research.

Along with framing, plumbing, electric, HVAC, and window installation for the second floor office expansion project, Don also helped repair and replace a roof on one of the staff houses.  Here he is helping Dale install the steel roof and trim after the original roof was damaged by falling trees in a wind storm.  That same storm totaled two other homes, dropped a number of trees, and brought down power lines and phone lines.  We still need to replace the  600’ of 6pair aerial phone wire feeding the maintenance shop.

Don spent another week and a half with the fine folks at Tech Serve International in Greenbrier, AR in the beginning of July.  The project was to install air conditioning in both guest cabins and install all of the finish aluminum trim around the windows and steel framing on the second cabin.  Don also installed the switches and receptacles and wired up the main breaker panel.  Here he is with the sheet metal brake set up in the kitchen/dining area.

Madison, GA

October 20, 2011

Macon, MS

September 17, 2011

Above, Don is installing the soffit material, Below is one of the inmates, Ben, doing the cutting and handing the pieces to Don.  To the right is the finished product.

Don spent one week with Tech Serve International in Macon, MS installing the soffit, fascia, window trim, and gutters for a new Prison Chapel at the County Prison.  This chapel will be used by a local association of churches to bring the Gospel, Bible studies, and worship services to the prison population.  They had been meeting in a room in the prison, but some of the services were standing room only.  This new building will allow more prisoners to attend and make it easier for the pastors as they will no longer need to set up and tear down before and after each event.

Don was also able to share the Source of Light Lesson materials with one of the pastors.  It would be great if these lessons could be used to help the local churches lead and disciple these prisoners to a new life in Christ.  We continue to pray for the inmates; that the Lord might help them change their lives for the better, amen.

Back here at Source of Light Ministries, the construction goes on.  The Lord blessed us with three work teams from PA and NE during September and October.  These teams helped move an air conditioning system, framed walls, installed insulation, drywall, and some of the electrical work

We have two more teams coming in November and we are praying for more throughout the coming year.

Madison, GA

December 15, 2011

We continued to plug away at several projects at Source of Light Ministries.  Christine has been filling gaps everywhere from the Front Reception Desk, to the Madison Discipleship School, to the Print Shop.

Don continues to help with the second floor expansion project.  He has worked on framing, wiring, plumbing, and below left is a picture of him cutting in another window on the second floor.  Below Jim tries to dig a moat around our trailer.  Actually he and the maintenance crew dug hundreds of feet of trench for a new water main.  To the right is Dale helping to install one of the new HVAC systems.  Don, Dale, and a few others are working on the installation of several complete HVAC systems for the new offices.