Text Box: Here is a bit of nostalgia for you.  This picture of Don, Christine, and her four children was taken in 1983.  It seems like a different life and different people when we look back there now.  Back then we did not know Jesus as our Lord and Savior, and of course three of the children have children of their own now.  See below for some newer pictures and a brief description of each of our family members.  This page will change as our family continues to grow.

Don & Christine Ames

Serving the Lord with our Hearts and Hands

Text Box: This is Don’s daughter Carrie and her husband Ed.  Carrie and Ed were married on May 27, 2007.  Carrie is employed as a Computer systems analyst with Harris Corporation in the Chantilly, VA area.  Her hobbies include a fascination with sports cars, and furthering her education as she takes courses for her Master’s Degree.  She also enjoys canoeing, scuba diving, hiking, tennis, and biking.

Please pray for them as Dobby serves in the military and is in and out of the Middle East war zone.  Pray for Carrie as she works, studies, and adjusts to a new job, friends and life in her new home in NC with her new husband.
Text Box: Don’s brother David with his daughter Erika, son Jordan, and wife Kathy.  Jordon was very active in gymnastics and an Olympic hopeful in the trampoline until a knee injury knocked him out of the sport.  He is now working as a licensed massage therapist.  David and Kathy serve the Lord in the North Naples United Methodist Church where David is in charge of the sports complex and Kathy works in the daycare program.  David is also ordained as a lay pastor and is studying towards a pastoral degree.  In fact he officiated over daughter Erika’s wedding to Nick.  The new couple live in Deltona FL where they just gave birth to their first son Ashton.  Here is a picture of the proud parents.  Ashton is just learning to smile so we will show you that too. 
Text Box: Here are Don’s parents, Geraldine and Gerald Dean.  Most people call then Gerry and Jerry.  The story goes that they met in church camp when the other kids thought they belonged together because of their names.  We suppose they must have been right since they celebrated their fiftieth anniversary in 2003.  Both are retired and they just sold their house in Hatboro, PA in order to spend all of their time traveling the states in their RV.  Mom is an avid reader, she also knits and rides her bicycle.  Dad walks, rides bicycle, and has been an amateur archeologist in the summer months with the Hatboro, PA Historical Society.  We are praying for their safety, and enjoyment as they travel.
Text Box: Christine’s mom Florence has just moved into her “in-law suite” before Christmas, 2006, which is built onto Christine’s sister Debbie’s house in Coatesville, PA.  Mom is spending her golden years knitting, doing rubber stamping, and building relationships with other golden age women.
In July of 2007 mom had extensive back surgery where they cut open five vertebrae to alleviate the pressure from spinal stenosis.  They also added two rods, ten screws, and did some bone grafting to support these five vertebrae and partially straighten the Scoliosis.  Mom had severe pain before and is now almost pain free.  We are all praising the Lord for her rapid recovery.  Christine spent six weeks as primary caregiver before being able to return to work with Don.